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Training as a cook/gastronomy

Cooks plan, purchase and calculate ingredients that belong to a dish and prepare it. They compile courses and menus and organise all processes in the kitchen with professional working equipment and programs. Nutritional aspects for guest consulting are also part of the profession. Conscious handling of food and their composition into creative recipes characterise this craft.

Hotel specialist

Hotel specialists are true all-rounders and deployed in diverse areas of the hotel. From guest reception at the desk to taking bookings, compilation of deals and settlements, to accounting and HR work, they are charged with the most diverse tasks and processes throughout the hotel.

Hotel management assistant

Hotel management specialists are the captains of the hotel business. They learn all facets of the hotel business: from reservations and guest reception to food & beverage (service and kitchen), housekeeping and merchandise management. The aim is to prepare them for future positions in hotel administration and management. Performance indicators play a decisive role in this. The third year of training therefore focuses on process management and controlling. These specialists manage sales. They develop marketing strategies, manage personnel processes and ensure smooth operations.

Specialist for gastronomy

Catering specialists are familiar with the basics of catering: they welcome guests, offer advice, serve drinks and food and take payments. They represent the face and voice of their establishment to guests. Their responsibility is to shape the dining experience while being friendly, knowledgeable advisors, salespeople and support staff. To this end, they also acquire basic knowledge in the kitchen about food and its use in the catering trade, as well as in the business service about the design and maintenance of guest rooms.

Kitchen specialist

The new training course for kitchen specialists is aimed at anyone who wants to learn cooking from scratch in a practical way and is less interested in theoretical aspects and figures. Kitchen specialists are familiar with the basics of cooking: they acquire skills in the processing and preparation of a wide variety of foods. They master the preparation of simple dishes with meat, fish and vegetables, the preparation and garnishing of salads and desserts as well as the preparation of simple soups and sauces. To this end, they learn various working and cutting techniques, cooking methods and how to use recipes and kitchen appliances. They are also able to receive and store goods and have knowledge of hygiene measures.

Specialist for restaurants and event catering

Restaurant and event catering professionals always have the well-being of their guests in mind - be it at an intimate candlelight dinner, a large conference, a unique wedding celebration or in daily à la carte service. They take on the role of host in the restaurant, at the bar and at various types of events. These professionals are familiar with all processes, from seasonal and event-related preparation of the premises and advising guests to the professional serving of drinks, food and menus as well as preparing the bill.

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