Training at Welcome Hotels? It's an excellent decision!

Regular training meetings, customised trainings and seminars, trustworthy contacts and a fair and respectful interaction are a fixed part of the training plan in our Welcome Hotels.

The certificate "Excellent training" that was brought to life specifically by the Hoteldirektorenvereinigung Deutschland e.V. marks the operations that stand out with excellent training offers with transparent and carefully developed training schedules. Independent DEKRA auditors will review the training conditions on site based on a criteria catalogue with 17 items. They will confirm the hotel's exemplary qualities as a training operation if the items are met.

Start your "excellent training" with us and become a true WelcomeR!

Training in the hotel – a good start into the job

We are looking for you and your talents. Have a look around and discover the training position that will make you smile every morning.

Training as a cook/gastronomy

Cooks plan, purchase and calculate ingredients that belong to a dish and prepare it. They compile courses and menus and organise all processes in the kitchen with professional working equipment and programs. Nutritional aspects for guest consulting are also part of the profession. Conscious handling of food and their composition into creative recipes characterise this craft.

Restaurant specialist

Restaurant specialists are true hosts. They welcome and advise the guests, serve food and drink and support them during their stay. In addition to designing deals, they take care of restaurant and table declarations and are responsible for all service processes during events, meetings and celebrations.

Hotel specialist

Hotel specialists are true all-rounders and deployed in diverse areas of the hotel. From guest reception at the desk to taking bookings, compilation of deals and settlements, to accounting and HR work, they are charged with the most diverse tasks and processes throughout the hotel.

Further education offers at our welcome hotels

Depending on location and hotel additional training programs are offered.

Part-time training

Part-time training works similar to part-time work. The trainee is not working full-time in the company, but, for example, only five or six hours a day. This has many benefits in particular for young parents or single parents. Welcome Hotels also offers part-time training if the prerequisites are met. The following clip shows one example from the Welcome Hotel Residenzschloss Bamberg. The hotel is a pioneer; the option of part-time training in other hotels is currently under review.

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