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Everyone needs a mission that they advance anew every day. Ours is simple, yet effective: We would like to inspire our guests on all levels, and turn every hotel into a hospitable place where everyone can feel welcome while preserving its own individuality and personality. Our target is giving people a temporary home, going the small but important steps every day that makes the difference and lets us be unmistakable and unique. This is what drives us – in all that we do.

Every personal interview, every friendly gesture, every small service must be measured by: Does the guest feel welcome? Is the guest competently informed? Unique? Valued? Are we able to not only meet, but exceed expectations? No matter how perfect guest service may be: It is worthless for us when it doesn't come from the heart.

We are happy to welcome you in one of our hotels soon – most cordially! Your team at the Welcome Hotels

Hotel reviews: Guest satisfaction is a focus for us

What could be more important in a hotel than the satisfaction of the guests? We say: nothing! This is why the ratings of our hotels are particularly important to us. They come from those who know best: our guests. From the very beginning, Welcome Hotels decided to align their service quality fully with customer satisfaction. Always, and in every last detail.

We are happy to convince you of our service as well!

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Successful with heart and mind

Our driving force is passion for professionalism and enthusiasm for giving our guests the feeling of being "at home while travelling" from the first moment. Therefore, our hotel customer service comprises much more than only services.

Innovation for food safety

Welcome Hotels work hand in hand with Quant quality assurance, a leading consultant around the subjects of nutrition and food.

The focus of successful cooperation is

  • food hygiene
  • food quality
  • food law

According to our own claims, we would like to guarantee a quality standard for our guests that by far exceeds the statutory provisions – in particular in food safety.

Another positive aspect: By optimising hygiene standards, kitchen processes were further improved. Regular kitchen inspections, as well as inspections of the hotel interiors and exteriors and consulting in drinking water examinations and concept creation according to HACCP principles are part of the close cooperation and standard procedures for our group. Only by ensuring best quality it is possible to meet the highest demands and thus exceed guest expectations every single time.

Our demands to quality

Service quality means team work:

  • We maintain a working environment that promotes motivation and competence of the employees.
  • Inspiration and ideas are important to us. They contribute to continuous improvement of our quality standards.
  • Friendliness and consideration: Our appearance is always friendly and polite. Every employee is a point of contact for your questions and wishes.
  • Sensitivity: We take your individual needs seriously.
  • Competence and reliability: We always render our services reliably and professionally.
  • Trust in sustainability: Quality management of our hotels is a long-term measure for us to continually optimise our service quality. We regularly review our standards for this.

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