Mathildenhoehe Darmstadt

Darmstadt - the city of Art Nouveau

The science city Darmstadt is called the center of Darmstadt Art Nouveau for a reason: numerous buildings were erected in Art Nouveau style and shape the image of the city. Visit the artists' colony Mathildenhöhe and see the artists' houses, the 48.5m high wedding tower as the city's landmark, the Russian chapel and numerous buildings shaped by art history. Or spend a day in the Art Nouveau bath called "Jugendstilbad Darmstadt" and admire the hand-painted Art Nouveau ornaments in the former public bath.

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Zeche Zollverein in Essen

Industrial Culture - the Zeche Zollverein

Visit the Zeche Zollverein in Essen and immerse yourself in the world of coal, coke, art and culture. During a tour you will learn interesting facts about industrial history or visit the Ruhr Museum. Would you like to go to a concert? Events take place regularly in the former industrial halls - classical, jazz, pop and contemporary music can be heard on the UNESCO World Heritage site with its very unique acoustics. Another highlight is the factory swimming pool as one of the most exciting bathing locations in Germany and, in winter, the ice rink in the midst of the spectacular industrial backdrop.

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THEATER in the Heilbronn region

Open-air theater and Co.

  • Open-air theater Burgfestspiele Stettenfels: "Honig im Kopf" - based on the movie by Til Schweiger
    A touching story about the relationship between a granddaughter and her grandpa, who has Alzheimer's disease - a piece full of moving, but also funny moments! Dates: July + August
  • Open-air theater Freilichtspiele Neuenstadt: "Boeing Boeing"
    What happens when a young architect in Paris in the 1960s is engaged to three stewardesses at the same time and the chaos takes its course?
    A comedy with a lot of humor! Dates: June 11 – July 25, 2021
  • Theater Heilbronn: "Born to be Wild"
    Led Zeppelin. Rolling Stones, Reinhard Mey & Co. - a musical review that tells of the clash of cultures and a rebellious youth of the 1960s. Dates: October 2021



The new Frankfurt old town is a magnet for everyone: residents, citizens and numerous guests from all over the world. Before the war, Frankfurt's old town consisted of around 1,500 historical buildings, which have been reconstructed down to the last few years - from the house "Zur Goldenen Waage" of a former merchant family to the house of the aunt of Goehte. The young Goethe lived there for over a year and looked at the hustle and bustle on the Frankfurt chicken market. Explore the old town during an organized tour or visit the many individual cafes and restaurants in the old town on your own. A visit to the nearby "Kleinmarkthallte" - Frankfurt's culinary market - can also be wonderfully combined.

Overnight in Frankfurt

Our Welcome Hotel Frankfurt is the ideal location for your overnight stay in Frankfurt. Our 4-star hotel with a view of the skyline is located near the trade fair and has excellent connections. All highlights, sights and events can be reached comfortably and within a very short time. If you need some relaxation after a long stroll through the city, the soft wellness area is available for you to relax - a highlight is our sauna with a view of the skyline. In the evening we spoil you with a delicious dinner in our hotel restaurant.

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Froschkönig Statue

Marburg for friends
of fairy tales

Marburg an der Lahn - from the river to the old town to the castle. That is 109 meters in altitude, two elevators, 400 steps and lots of things to see. The medieval flair, the narrow streets and impressive sights such as the Landgrave Castle or the Elisabethenkirche already inspired the two brothers, who studied law in the university town from 1802 to 1805. To this day, Marburg has remained the setting for Grimm’s fairy tales. For example, you will be led on the “Grimm-Dich-Path” past mythical creatures and fairy tale characters that adorn numerous facades and stairs in the old town.

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Romerpark Xanten

Fancy a journey back in time to antiquity?

The Xanten Roman Park on the Lower Rhine

Are you interested in history and a friend of Roman culture? Then the archaeological open-air museum in Xanten is just right for you, because this is where Roman history comes to life. Visit spectacular buildings such as the port temple, the amphitheater, the hostel and the imposing city wall. Look around Roman living quarters and craftsmen's houses, or see the remains of a Roman ship.

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Don't miss out on our cultural offerings, from a theater evening in Marburg to sightseeing in Bamberg and a visit to a museum in Paderborn. Thanks to our diverse travel offers, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for!

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