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Celebrate in the Sauerland

There are some questions to be answered if you are planning a party. We can give you the most important answers right away here:

Where to celebrate?
Best come to our Welcome Hotel Meschede, where parties continue into the morning. Enjoy not only our perfectly equipped rooms, but also our cordial and comprehensive service.

What to do?
That is your decision only. Tell us about your event, how many guests you expect, and what you want from the location. We will do all we can to design your party just as you want it.

Where to sleep?
Isn't it wonderful if your guests' rooms with their comfortable beds are just a few steps away after a wild evening? Our hotel rooms with all their amenities are available to them.

What to eat?
Whether you want a classical buffet or a festive gala dinner: Our chefs will magic up delicacies for your plate.

How to decorate?
Give us a general framework, and we will set to work at once.

Are you thinking about getting married in the Sauerland? Talk to us. We will advise you about everything connected to it and offer the best wedding location in the Sauerland!

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