Magnificent green shines out from the leaves of the trees emerging out of the Eifel National Park. Under the gentle wind of the Eifel, the treetops rustle like the surf of the sea, and the lakes sparkle in the bright light of the sun. Can you feel the relaxation and benefits of the Eifel forests already?

Wandern im Nationalpark Eifel © Dominik Ketz

Eifel National Park

Nature enthusiasts and hikers will find a very special highlight: Use the opportunity to experience the nature park Eifel from its best and wildest sides! The best thing about it: On 110 km², nature is left to itself and its original laws in order to turn back into wilderness. Thousands of endangered animal and plant species can settle and spread across the newly created habitats. The accessible experience exhibition Wildnis(t)räume presents fascinating natural cycles and biodiversity. There are many things that you can try out yourself.


Ahr Valley

Visit winemaker to winemaker and experience what can likely be titled Germany's best red wine. The Ahr Valley impresses cyclists and hikers alike with its many cycling and hiking trails. Experience the wonders of nature and allow yourself to be enchanted by the breathtaking views.

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