Set Off On a Hike On Your Own,
or with Experts in the Eifel National Park

The national park in North Eifel welcomes nature lovers from all over the world. As you explore its 110 km² of land, discover the breathtaking nature of the Eifel and observe rare animals in their natural habitat. If you like, rangers are also available to accompany you on guided tours several times a week, where you can learn interesting facts and curiosities about the local flora and faun firsthand. Of course, you can also go on your own tour of exploration, in a variety of ways - on foot, bike or horseback. You can also enjoy the overwhelming sights and sounds of nature on a relaxing boat trip. The Eifel national park also offers a unique piece of history: the Ordensburg Vogelsang IP, a relic of the bygone days of National Socialism.

This is what awaits you

  • 110 km² habitat for plants and animals

  • Imposing beech forests

  • Uft dam

  • Ordensburg Vogelsang IP

  • Boat trips

  • Guided ranger tours

  • 65 km of riding tracks

  • Bike paths

Wandern im Nationalpark Eifel © Dominik Ketz

Are You a Hiker or Cyclist? Then We Have Something Very Special In Store for You!

In our hotel, hikers and cyclists are always in good hands. We are the only hotel at the gateway to the North Eifel that proudly bears the award of quality host for hiking in Germany and the ADFC's Bett + Bike seal. Hiking maps for the region, a hiking pharmacy, a locked storage room for bicycles, e-bike rental, pick-up and delivery services to and from hiking trails, and luggage transport to the next accommodation are just a few of the amazing advantages you can enjoy with us. Are you looking for accommodation? Come and join us!

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