Euskirchen -
the City with a Face

Euskirchen and its surroundings certainly offer a lot to discover, but they also boast a large selection of incredible art and culture. Go on a journey through time in the Kommern Open Air Museum and experience how our ancestors lived. Or, you can visit the former Nazi "Ordensburg" Vogelsang IP. It is one of the biggest exhibitions of National Socialism and serves as an educational experience. If you are interested in art, be sure to visit the Kölner and the Kommerner Street in Euskirchen, where you can be sure to find numerous works of art from the 1990s up to present day free of charge, and accessible at any time. Looking for accommodation? Come and visit us!

This is what awaits you

  • Vogelsang IP

  • Kommerner Open Air Museum

  • Euskirchen city museum

  • Museum of the old cloth factory

  • Art miles on Köln & Kommerner Street

  • Krewelshof

  • historic Oleftal train

  • City theater

  • Fire department museum Flamersheim

  • Numerous boat trips

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"The task of culture is to develop and strengthen the social conscience and social morality in people and to organize all abilities and talents of the individual."

- Alexej Maximowtisch Peschkow, Russian narrator and playwright

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