Relaxing treatments from head to toe – a source of vitality and beauty

Diversity enriches life. An insight that you can experience up close in the Welcome SPA. Our relaxation Hotel in Hesse welcomes you with a relaxing program made to measure.

Diverse beauty and relaxation treatments, relaxing in the Oriental hamam, Ayurveda treatments or micro needling as a gentle and non-invasive anti-ageing treatment from our beauty and relaxation experts – everything a perfect relaxation weekend in beautiful Hesse needs.

BABOR Micro Needling – the gentle alternative

The idea of cosmetic micro-needling is simple and efficient: Active substances are brought to where they can be the most effective. This treatment is a gentle, non-invasive anti-ageing treatment.

The microscopically precise stamp injects substances into the skin at up to 150 impulses per second. Selected active substances achieve the best results. At the same time, the skin functions are activated and skin regeneration is support.

Our beauty and relaxation offers

Relaxation includes the wish for inner balance and personal beauty. Discover our integrated beauty philosophy by BABOR Kosmetik, in order to perfectly bring out your natural elegance.

from 39 €
BABOR extra freshness for your skin25 min39 €
Skin check with analysis devices15 min49 €
Derma Cellular: Stop Cellulite Wraps40 min49 €
BABOR Classic facial treatment55 min79 €
BABOR Rose Quartz85 min129 €
BABOR HSR® Lifting85 min139 €
BABOR Reversive Anti-Aging100 min159 €
BABOR Seacreation115 min259 €

BABOR for men

Successful men understand the importance of a well-groomed appearance. A well-groomed and fit appearance radiates self-confidence and is attractive.

from 49 €
Sports massage25 min49 €
Energy Release facial treatment85 min109 €

SPA around the world

119 €
Hot Stone: gentle life energy in flow95 min119 €

Shaping for Body

from 49 €
Sea salt oil peeling25 min49 €
anti-ageing vitamin peeling25 min49 €
base peeling25 min49 €

Ayurveda massages – a tried and tested healing spring

Ayurveda is the oldest traditional healing system of mankind. Health and well-being are based on the unity of body, spirit and soul. The Ayurveda massage is performed with specially preferred, warm oil. As external application, it may dissolve toxins and wastes. The massage with vegetable oil stimulates circulation and the lymph vessels and supplies the body with valuable nutrients. The warm oil massages also have an invigorating and balancing effect. They are a treat for the entire organism. Ayurveda massages use only vegetable, cold-pressed oils such as sesame or sunflower oil. The oil is heated to 110 °C in the water bath. Then it is "mature" and ready for use. Book the ayurveda treatments as part of an offer as well!

from 41 €
Mukhabhyanga: Invigorating oil massage of the face25 min41 €
Shiro’bhyanga: Invigorating oil massage in the upper body and heat area40 min59 €
Padabhyanga: foot and leg massage with Marma points40 min59 €
Abhyanga: Full-body massage with ayurveda oils85 min119 €

Packs in the soft pack bed

from 39 €
Anti-Aging vitamin pack30 min39 €
Thermal mineral mud pack30 min39 €
Algae plus pack30 min39 €
Soft cream pack30 min39 €

Whole body peelings

from 49 €
Firming Body Peeling Cream25 min49 €
Sea salt oil peeling25 min49 €
Base peeling25 min49 €


from 35 €
Facial massage25 min35 €
Brush massage25 min35 €
Foot massage with essential oils25 min35 €
Back massage25 min39 €
Relaxation massage25 min39 €
Sports massage25 min49 €
Reflexology25 min49 €
Basic relaxation massage25 min49 €
Whole body massage40 min59 €
Aroma oil massage55 min69 €


from 28 €
Relaxation bath20 min28 €
Active bath20 min28 €
Base bath20 min32 €
Algae bath20 min32 €
Rose aroma bath20 min32 €
Cleopatra bath20 min32 €
Caesar bath20 min32 €
Emperor's bath for two including a bottle of sparkling wine40 min88 €
Oriental bath for two including a bottle of sparkling wine40 min88 €